What is 3D Printing?

3D Printing

3D Printing may be a process for creating an object from a three-dimensional digital model. Typically by laying down many successive thin layers of cloth. It is around more than 30 years in the industry and now it is available at smaller companies.
There are different key things in manufactures of product:

1 : Printed parts are grown in layers

2 : Material is added rather then subtraction

3 : It elimates the need for complex or expensive products

History of 3D Printing

The earliest 3D printing technologies first became visible within the late 1980s, at which era they were called Rapid Prototyping (RP) technologies. This is often because the processes were originally conceived as a quick and less expensive method for creating prototypes.

As a stimulating aside, the very first application for RP technology was filed by a Dr. Kodama, in Japan, in May 1980.

Unfortunately for Dr. Kodama, The whole patent specification was subsequently not filed before the one-year deadline after the appliance. Which is especially disastrous considering that he was a patent lawyer. In real terms, however, the origins of 3D printing are often traced back to 1986. When the primary patent was issued for the stereolithography apparatus (SLA).

This patent belonged to at least one Charles (Chuck) Hull, who first invented his SLA machine in 1983. Hull went on to co-found this system Corporation one of the most important and most prolific organizations operating within the 3D printing sector today.

3D Systems’ first commercial RP system, the SLA-1, was introduced in 1987. The following rigorous testing, the primary of those systems was sold in 1988. As is fairly typical with new technology, while SLA can claim to be the primary past the post.

It had been not the sole RP technology in development at this point in 1987. Carl Deckard, who was performing at the University of Texas, filed a patent within the US for the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) RP process. 1989 was also the year that Scott Crump, a co-founder of Stratasys Inc.